LinkPeek WordPress Shortcodes

These are some shortcodes that work with the Wordpess plugin.

To install go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click add new plugins. Then search “linkpeek”.

Once installed click “edit” on the plugin and fill in the fields next to APIKEY and SECRET.

# Global config settings
define( 'APIKEY', '');
define( 'SECRET', '');

LinkPeek shortcode types

Insert a webpage screenshot
Insert a webpage screenshot which is also a link
Insert link which displays a webpage screenshot on-hover
Insert link which will produce a webpage screenshot of the current page

LinkPeek Short Code Examples

LinkPeek Image:

[linkpeek-image uri=""]

LinkPeek Image – with custom size:

[linkpeek-image uri="" size="140x100"]

LinkPeek Image – with custom size and style:

[linkpeek-image uri="" size="140x100" style="border:solid;border-width:6px;"]

LinkPeek Image – with title text:

[linkpeek-image uri="" text="title text!"]

LinkPeek Link Image – this image is a link:

[linkpeek-link-image uri="" size="140x100"]

LinkPeek Hover Link – image on mouse over:
[linkpeek-hover uri="" size="240x180"]

LinkPeek Hover Link – image on mouse over and custom style:
[linkpeek-hover uri="" style="color: green;"]

LinkPeek Save Page – Link to the original full height image of the current page:

Save this page as an image
[linkpeek-save-page style="color: green;" text="Save this page as an image"]

LinkPeek Save Page – Image link to the original full height image of the current page:

[linkpeek-save-page text="<img src='/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/download_icon-40px.png'/>"]

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