a hack to gain 80 percent efficiency when creating github projects

Last night I decided to learn how to use git for its popularity and github to code more socially.

I have to admit early on that I enjoy hg and bitbucket so it came to a surprise that github would have me jump through hoops to create a new repository…

Below I have copied the seemingly bloated github instructions for creating a new project.


  1. create project/repo using the form
  2. mkdir scratch
  3. cd scratch
  4. git init
  5. touch README
  6. git add README
  7. git commit -m ‘first commit’
  8. git remote add origin
  9. git@github.com:russellballestrini/scratch.git
  10. git push -u origin master


I like my method better.

My Github clone hack:

  1. create project/repo using the form
  2. git clone https://russellballestrini@github.com/russellballestrini/scratch.git

Awesome, 2 steps versus 10. That hack appears 80% more efficient! Now if only my name was shorter… LOL

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