Honey! I just DELETED LinkPeek.com

During the day I am an ops sys-admin. During the night I am a husband, father of two, and a CEO of a bootstrapped start-up. After launch, my first project was to schedule regular backups of user data and archive off-site. My goal was to create backups but never need them. Boy was I lucky […]

Always attempt to scale vertically first

I spent the weekend fretting because one of my servers was basically being DOS’d by paying customers. During the outage I started thinking about the best way to scale and how I could make the code-base more efficient. Linux top reported high load, in the 20’s. Eventually I figured out that the server was having […]

Today I lost a customer

Today I lost a customer. I added some new code to to accept coupons and I didn’t think of an edge case. This ended up creating an uncaught exception in my server side code which ultimatly served the newly subscribing customer an HTTP 500 error page. The damage was done. This error was catastrophic and […]

LinkPeek.com, webpage to image, was a by-product

tldr; When faced with pivoting or killing a project, take a good look at all possible by-products. Don’t miss the hidden gem in a project’s slag! Last year I built yoursitemakesmebarf.com, a novelty web application which allowed anonymous link submission. The software would automatically take screenshots of submitted links and curate a blog. I enjoyed […]

I’m petrified of launching my web application

I’m petrified of launching my web application because I’m fearful that I won’t … acquire users support my users well scale in a timely manner react quickly to feedback monetize the application But most of all I’m scared that nobody will like me. I’m scared of failure. Now that I got that out of my […]

LinkPeek.com web address thumbnail api alpha release

LinkPeek.com API has an alpha release! LinkPeek is a website screenshot service. Convert any webpage to an image. No software, no downloading and absolutely no waiting! Unlimited free 140 pixel thumbnails! You should dress up your naked links with image previews.

How do I calculate the M in my MVP?

Recently I have contemplated the idea of building a screen capture service for websites. I anticipate the service would provide functionality similar to Google’s “Instant Preview”. I also pondered the idea of archiving the screen captures and providing a history similar to the internet Wayback Machine. After floundering on my first web application, http://four2go.gumyum.com, I’m […]