How do I calculate the M in my MVP?

Recently I have contemplated the idea of building a screen capture service for websites. I anticipate the service would provide functionality similar to Google’s “Instant Preview”. I also pondered the idea of archiving the screen captures and providing a history similar to the internet Wayback Machine.

After floundering on my first web application,, I’m afraid to spend lots of time and energy on another project if I cannot earn users or customers.

I feel the market segment for this type of service would include website directories, live portfolio generation for website designers, and websites in general for people who wish to keep track of the overall look of their site over time.

As an MVP I plan to build a free live web capture application to basically provide a “Gravatar” for website addresses.

Do you think anyone would use my MVP or service?

Have I missed any other market segments?

UPDATE: API has an alpha beta release!

LinkPeek provides an easy to use API which enables anyone to instantly create live web page thumbnails. We provide the API free of charge, think of LinkPeek as Gravatar for web addresses.

2 thoughts on “How do I calculate the M in my MVP?

  1. Russell, this is amazing stuff. I was just looking for something like this for our back-end at Any chance of providing dimensions as params for the thumbs?

  2. Gerhard,

    Thank you for the support and kind words.

    If people enjoy our service we plan to release a “professional” version of the API that would enable subscribers to request ANY thumbnail dimension.

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