How to rescue logs and config from a failed Citrix NetScaler App Gateway

Today our production Citrix NetScaler broke. The box wouldn’t boot and our only backup copy of the config was on the NetScaler itself.

Being the only Unix guy around I attempted to help out the admins working the outage. I SSH’d into the development NetScaler and noticed it runs on FreeBSD.

I suggested fetching the Hard drive and mounting it on a Linux computer. The NetScaler has one SATA (not SAS) disk so my desktop was compatible.

I installed the disk in the Linux tower and mounted the filesystem using the following command:

mount --read-only --type=ufs --test-opts ufstype=44bsd /dev/sda5 /mnt

Once mounted I was able to SCP interesting files to a safe location.

Warning, this procedure might void your warranty. If in doubt, call support first.

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