IRC Bot (Foxbot) runs canned remote executions using Salt Stack

I extended my IRC Bot Foxbot today to allow it to run canned remote executions on behalf of users in an IRC channel. This is only a prototype or proof-of-concept. Be very careful not to allow users to inject their own commands. Foxbot must be running on the Salt Master and must be running as the same user that runs the salt-master daemon.

The code lives here: foxbot/plugins/

Example usage:

16:18:25            * | russell checks uptime
16:18:25       foxbot |  16:18:25 up 496 days, 22:36, 17 users,  load average: 0.33, 0.70, 0.87

16:29:10            * | russell checks procs *
16:29:17       foxbot | PROCS WARNING: 165 processes
16:29:17       foxbot | PROCS CRITICAL: 309 processes

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