Occupy Wall Street Stack vs Queue

Occupy Wall Street contributors claim to use a “stack” to determine speaking arrangements.

I plan to explain how the term “stack” used in this scenario does not align itself with the mathematical or computer science definition.

The term stack means First In Last Out or “FILO”. For example: a person placed on the stack in the morning would be the last to speak at the end of the day. This isn’t happening like that…

Occupy Wall Street compatriots really use a technique called “queue”. Mathematicians and Computer Scientists define a queue as First In First Out or “FIFO”. A real world example of a queue would be a line at the grocery store. The first person in line is the first person to leave the line.

  • An object enters a stack from the rear and exits the rear.
  • An object enters a queue from the rear and exits from the front.

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