Reasons why some Internet entities might want secure communication

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Internet entities often need to communicate securely.

Here are some reasons why some Internet entities might want secure communication:
  1. Web Servers: Communication on the Internet, or any network for that matter, should be encrypted before transmitting sensitive data. This will help prevent snooping from unauthorized parties. Most often SSL or HTTPS may be used to create a secure communication “tunnel” between a web server and a web client (browser).
  2. Server Administration:
  3. A secure protocal should always be used when administrating a server or remote computer. Typically SSH (Secure Shell) is used.
  4. DNS Servers: Using DNSSEC could help prevent DNS poisoning and certifies DNS data. DNS was first conceived as a distributed and highly scalable address lookup system. Security was not its top priority. Since then we have new DNSSEC extensions which allow for origin authentication of DNS data, authenticated denial of existence, and data integrity. DNSSEC does not attempt to solve availability and confidentiality.
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