Set Root Password SmartOS Percona MySQL Zone

I used project-fifo to launch the percona (14.2.0) MySQL dataset. I couldn’t get into the MySQL instance so I reached out on IRC. Johngrasty, a friendly guy in the #smartos IRC channel, provided a command to display the randomly generated MySQL password emitted to the zone-init log:

cat /var/svc/log/system-zoneinit\:default.log | grep MYSQL_PW

I used this initial password to get into the mysql> shell and changed it with this SQL statement:

mysql> SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('clear-text-password');

Johngrasty also supplied a snippet of JSON which shows how to declare root MySQL password:

  ... truncated ...
  "customer_metadata": {
    "salt-master": "",
    "salt-id": "mysql1"
  "internal_metadata": {
    "mysql_pw": "mypassword"

I looked for help in the #project-fifo channel as to why the GUI does not work for assigning initial MySQL password. MerlinDMC, the author and operator of, gave me the following command to run in the Global Zone to look at a particular zone’s metadata:

cat /zones/uuid-of-zone-goes-here/config/metadata.json

Turns out the GUI is placing the "mysql_pw" parameter into "customer_metadata" instead of "internal_metadata" which is invalid.

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  1. This was meant to be fixed in fifo by licenser, I brought this issue to his attention awhile back when Joyent moved all password stuff in internal metadata. Which version of fifo you running?

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