The Barrymores stole my heart then crushed it

The Barrymores
The Barrymores

Recently while surfing pandora I stumbled upon a new favorite song, “Think Straight Again”, composed by a ska band named The Barrymores.  I embraced the bands alluring melodies after the first play.

What caught my attention?

Well the whole band rocks, hard.  The main components of The Barrymores shape a full and energetic sound.  They have a drummer, a bassist,  a lead guitarist and two horn players (trumpet and trombone).  Oh, I almost forgot to mention they contrast most ska bands by featuring a kickass lead female singer.

What compelled me to write about The Barrymores?

Though The Barrymores are a small town band, their technical abilities and prowess mimic more a band of a major record label.  Their rocking upbeat style is similar to other ska bands.  Each track creates a euphoric sensation and even the “sad” songs feel uplifting. When The Barrymores are on my stereo I typically end up chanting the lyrics while skanking around my office.  I feel they bring the ska punk rock genre into another level of excellence.

And then I found the depressing news …

I started researching The Barrymores because I was fascinated with their music.  This research inevitably lead to some depressing news, The Barrymores are no longer together! “I Am Jack’s Broken Heart” -Fight Club. Not often do I get excited about new music.  In moments I grew attached to the group only to get crushed.  I decided to investigate to uncover more.

Apparently The Barrymores went into hiatus after one of the founding members passed away.   The Barrymore myspace page still seems active and continues to hosts a few of the bands tracks.

Sorry about the bummer, but you should still give the music a listen.

10 thoughts on “The Barrymores stole my heart then crushed it

  1. Wow…I am (was…) the lead guitar player of the Barrymores. It’s cool to see people still discovering us, we’ve all went our seperate ways, 3 of the founding members are still in an active band called Subcity, and I’ve meandered through several punk bands you can look into with a quick google search (the Crackdown, the Blackout Brigade, High Class Low Lifes). Thanks so much for the love man, nice not to be forgotten after all these years :)

  2. Indeed. If you didn’t know, you should check out their sorta unknown/hidden album called “New Invasion.” More punky than ska-like but still super duper.

    Hey, if anyone from the band is reading this, you are awesome. Get New Invasion up on iTunes! (I’m not even an Apple enthusiast, but that’s where I buy my music)

  3. The Barrymores came up on Pandora while I was listening to the Big D & The Kids Table channel, and since I hadn’t heard of them I naturally consulted Google which lead me here. I can relate to your pain of finding out about a band ex post facto. My first experience of this came with hearing Edna’s Goldfish for the first time in 2006 when they had already been broken up for more than 5 years. Then, they played the Bamboozle in 2009 and, of course, I couldn’t make it because of final exams so now I’m left waiting for them to return once again.

    I wanted to direct your attention to another relatively unknown ska band called Upstanding Youth, from Hawaii. I first heard their music just 2 months ago and I was mesmerized. I was surprised they have been around for 10 years, but they have never been on a label and only toured the Southwest, out of Hawaii. Unfortunately, they announced a few weeks ago they will be ending their run with a farewell show on May 25, 2012 since the singer is moving to the East Coast for a new job.

    –Another ska fan with a crushed heart

  4. I came across “The Sweetest Song” on Pandora in much the same manner. I’ve been a punk/ska guy my whole life, but that song is the best, most chill love song I’ve ever heard. When it pops up on my playlist, I can’t just listen to it once. And I agree, “Think Straight Again” kicks a whole lot of ass.

  5. Always love SKA-punk they just popped on my pandora. Glad this link was up to find out more info on them. Let there be a SKA revival!

  6. I cut my teeth on the album “New Invasion”. I love the take no shit attitude of Jolene. She has such a unique voice. I too was devastated when I found out that I had fallen for a ska band that no longer existed. I hope if the band is listening, they can make New Invasion more available. A reunion would be awesome.

  7. I, too, feel the pain. However in the past few years many ska bands have been reforming and touring. I think kickstarter has helped connect bands with fans and see they’re still loved. I run the Austin Ska Collective and have met many ska fans, perhaps a revival is in the works. Dallas had a pretty solid scene.

  8. And now i am the one who listen barrymores for the first time,google for information about this Band and see they do not exist anymore….The voice of this female singer is so awesome and sounds like the Lady from ‘Scrapy’,another ska band, from germany, that do not exist anymore too.

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